Composing for guitar


Many guitarists I have known, have shown a vocation in composing music. That’s great and the guitar is a very stimulating instrument! However, just a few of them take seriously the art of composition, learning the craftsmanship and techniques of this fantastic discipline.

If you are searching for an expert guide, I might be the right person to help you. In my lessons I offer:

– My experience as a consultant to help you to develop your ideas and improve your works if you have some already.

– I would help you to identify what to deeper and the topics you might find interests for you to work on. Together, we would develop a program of studies for you to get as much as you can from your own creative ideas.

– Analysis of compositional means from your favorite guitar works.

– My help to find your unique voice.

My teaching spaces from early music, classical up to XXth Century classical music as well as acoustic guitar style and jazz.

Visit my Music page, you will find some examples from my recorded compositions, videos, and albums so you could decide if I am the guide you are searching for!





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