Lo Racconta il Mare

Claudia Lops – Flute, alto flute

Diana Torti – Voice

Sabino de Bari – Compositions, mandolin

Vito Vilardi – Classical guitar

In my birthplace, Molfetta, the tarantella was danced during Carnival. We have almost completely lost memory of it. In this project, I set to music an ancient literary composition from Molfetta, clearly in a new way, while taking inspiration from the musicality of the Italian popular tarantella. Here is an excerpt from a test.

This project is inspired on the culture and traditions of my birthplace in Molfetta (Puglia, south Italy). It consists of original instrumental and vocal composition compositions based on musical motives and poems in dialect from folk and sacred tradition.

Questo progetto è ispirato alla cultura e tradizione del mio paese d’origine Molfetta (Puglia, sud Italia) e i suoi dintorni. Esso consiste in composizioni vocali e strumentali originali basate su motivi musicali e composizioni letterarie della tradizione popolare e sacra molfettese.