Guitar lessons – young adults/adults

Learn to play the guitar in a creative way and engaging way!

My teaching spaces among different styles and topics which I plan with every student. They include:

  • Posture and technique/warm-up activities. Relaxation techniques.
  • Coordination and technique
  • Scales/modes
  • Chords/harmony
  • Improvisation and solos building
  • Pieces repertoire 
  • Interpretational tips in relation to the student level
  • Expressivity in performing
  • Bits of music composition techniques for a better understanding and self-expression
  • Elements of music theory.

VIDEO: a beginner/ intermediate level lesson on Minor blues scale and dominant 7th chord. I talk about diminished fifth and how to make work a minor blues scale with a dominant 7th chord. In this video I don’t go into the specific fingering but I deliver a general overview of the topic. I hope you enjoy it!


9 thoughts on “Guitar lessons – young adults/adults

  1. I finally decided to take guitar lessons to challenge myself and enjoy playing music with a new instrument. Sabino is an incredible teacher who can teach you technique through various scale and chord exercises and music pieces. Sabino organises the lessons really well to build up the skills while making the lessons really enjoyable and progressive. After a couple of lessons only, I was starting to compose music independently.

    We agreed on a style and a music piece to focus on , and at week 5, I was able to play on backing tracks various patterns on scales mixed with chords from my own composition.

    Sabino is classically trained which allows him to get into very technical details as needed which really helps me having played the piano for 10 years as young kid. Sabino is an inspiring music teacher and I look forward every week to my next lesson and always leave surprised by my progress,

    I highly recommend taking lessons with Sabino.

  2. Sabino is an incredibly knowledgeable, versatile and inspiring music teacher. Whether your interest lies in classical, acoustic or electric guitar, in the theory behind it all or if you simply want to learn techniques, you’ll be lucky to have a guitar scholar like Mr. Sabino de Bari as your navigator in your musical journey.

  3. I started classical guitar with Sabino as a teacher and I’ve learnt so much. I never thought I would be able to read notes, play songs and understand strumming patterns. Sabino is a great teacher who motivates his students and breaks things down easily for beginners. Would definitely recommend. THANK YOU

  4. I started a new acoustic guitar course with Sabino last week, after the extended break of lockdown and the summer holidays. Sabino continued to teach during full lockdown via videos and sheet music posted on google classroom. He encouraged us to share our own videos, which gave me a focus during long spells of confinement. Having studied with Sabino for a number of years, I was not surprised by his reaction to the pandemic. He is an inventive teacher; video, watching live performance is an integral part of his method. So too is his inclusion of improvisation, which really helps with the understanding of music theory. His knowledge and taste in music is not confined to one genre, Classical, Rock and Jazz all feature in his lessons. He has a way of differentiating the most complex pieces of music, so they can be played by students of varying ability. The latter is what makes him a great teacher. Sabino not only possesses musical talent, he can also use that talent to help others improve their musical ability and understanding.

  5. One of the things that surely I have received from Sabino classes, is the vision of music without prejudices.
    This important thing has happened for two reasons. The first is related to the path of studies that I had with him (from 14 to 18), that includes jazz music, improvisation, classical guitar (allowing me to get the fifth-year exam of classical guitar) and classical composition, that now I’m studying in the Conservatory.
    The second reason is related to the human relationship that occurred between us and that brought us to talk of music as well as literature, politic and other arguments. So, his helpful temperament, his preparation and multifaceted vision of music, helped me to get into a world, that now , I am beginning to look at in its complex vastness.

  6. Sabino was my first guitar teacher and I’m really happy of it. I studied with him just for a year, but I really enjoyed every lesson, the individual ones as the orchestra’s! He’s passionate, patient and always there to cheer you.
    So I just want to say him a big thank you!

  7. I studied for three years with Sabino and if I could, I would continue for at least as many years. It’s been really a great experience which has made me grow both as a guitarist and as a person. In the hard times, when you ask yourself if it is worth continuing to devote time to the music, Sabino always knows how to cheer you up and take away any doubt.
    Over time, in comparing with his other students, I always recognized his abilities in finding a personal path of study for each of us because of its long teaching experience.

  8. I have studied guitar with Sabino for 7 years, and in all this time for me he has been a teacher, but above all a good friend. He is able to convey his passion, and the love for music. I can only say THANK YOU!

    • One of the most interesting aspects of the M. de Bari lessons, was the eclecticism and both musical and cultural versatility for each piece of music we went through. He has never reduced the music to a simplified schemes; on the contrary, the effort to think about the music in its purity and artistic complexity was always alive. It was possible, because of a constant musical reflection, not only abstract but also at the empirical level, due to the commitment as a composer, performer and teacher as well.

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